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A router is sold $30 minimum and you can buy a router expensive router based on your demand. There are various types of the router in the store and buy any browser what you need to know. You just setup the router at your home and make sure that you have followed manual instruction properly for setup the device and configuration properly. Wi-Fi internet is the latest technology and you can use the internet for free in many places if there you will get free Wi-Fi. You have to setup the Wi-Fi in your home and you need a router. Configuration the device is very easy and setup the setting is also very easy. Just you need to read all instruction.
Configuration the router is called connection what you can do with the computer. You need to use Ethernet cable if you want to connect the device to the computer. Use a power adapter if you want to give Electricity in the router. Turn on the router after giving the power. When the configuration is done properly, the router users should think of the internal settings which are a very important thing. If the router does not know how to setup internally, then the administrator should read the router manually.
Many routers and various types networking devices are available in the market. Among of the brands of the router, you need to buy a router which is very popular as brand and performance. I suggest the buyer to buy Netgear router. Netgear router uses the IP address as default. This default IP address is setup by the manufacturer. With the default IP address, you need to use username and password. The default IP address is alone important for various work. However, all of the default things can be changed easily from the access center of the Netgear router. You must read the manual of the router to know everything about the router.
For the internal settings in the router, you need to login to the router access center. This is why, the default IP address, username, and password need to use. The IP address what is used in your router and networking device. After using the IP address on the browser, you need to press the Enter button and you will get a form where you have to use the default username and password. Now you have to press the Enter button again, you will be logged in the router. If you get any mistake in the IP address, the IP address becomes false.
Administrator of the router or other networking devices can change the username and password. This is used for keeping the router settings safe. The default IP address can be changed for the avoiding the IP address confliction problem. If your Wi-Fi network multiple devices run and all of the devices uses same IP address in all of those devices, then the IP address confliction problem runs. Changing the default IP address is the only solution to solve the IP address confliction problem.
You have to setup internet and this is why you should use the Wizard tool. This tool is safe and secured. If you do not know anything, then you should read the manual properly. By this tool, you can setup internet properly, you do not need to do anything. You just put information step by step and click on the next button. At the final step, you should save the settings. You can setup internet manually if you are an expert user. Otherwise, you should setup setting by the Wizard tool. You will love to use the wizard tool than the manual settings.
IP address is necessary to change and when you need to change the IP address, then you should reset up another IP address and that IP address should be taken from the same IP address class. If you want to change IP address, then you should maintain the IP address class. The IP address is taken from the Class C and when you replace an IP address, then you should setup an IP address from the IP addresses from to After setup an IP address in place of the IP address, you should save it for making the IP address active.
In the router manual, you will get the troubleshooting section in the manual of the router. You should read those papers and a troubleshooting section for solving various problems quick. You will not get any better way to learn about the troubleshooting of the device. There are many websites where you can learn about the troubleshooting. If your device has the warranty, then you may get the warranty. You may get a new device but if you can solve the problem by yourself, then you will enjoy most. You can try at least to solve those things.
Now you should read the router manual and read the chapter of the troubleshooting. On the router, you will get reset button. This button is very useful and when you click on the button then the internal settings will blog away. This is why the manual settings and manual data what the user’s setup do not work. Now if you try to login to the router with manual IP address, username, and password, then you cannot login to the router. You have to use the default data for login to the router.
If your router supports IP address from the IP address Class C, then you can use IP address in your router. You need to replace the IP address what has been running in the router and type the IP address Now save the IP address. If you want to confirm that IP address 192.1680.10 is setup in the router or not, you can use “ipconfig” command on the command prompt page. You will get the Default gateway from the command prompt page to know the correct IP address of the router. You need this IP address for login to the router.
You can use this IP address with the ping command. This command lets you know the connection status of the computer and router. So, you can identify the router and computer have been working properly or not. You need to add the IP address with ping and the command will be “ping” or “ping -t”. You can use any ping command on the command prompt page. You can solve various router related problems by yourself if you read the router manually. You can visit the manufacturing website of the router to know more detail.